Private Sessions

 Huanay Picchu

The healing wisdom of  Ancient Medicine Peoples across time and all cultures have held the elegant pathways that interconnect with Spirit and nature to foster wholeness and health. The luminous energy field is an invisible field of energy that governs the matter of our physical body and is the energetic container for our health and well-being.  This field is where we connect to nature, to Source, and to our family and friends.

Disconnection or disruptions from our wholeness can leave us with feelings of discomfort such as; unworthiness, lack, isolation, fear, or an inability to move forward (to name a few).  Often uncomfortable symptoms will demand attention, but the issue that is causing the discomfort in our lives may not be in our conscious awareness causing confusion.

Energy sessions are designed to work within the luminous energy field and are deeply transformative creating a potential healing pathway toward wholeness.   Issues that are frequently addressed may include physical problems, emotional distress, grief or loss, stress symptoms, repetitive dreams or life experiences, energy depletion, or feeling stuck or immobilized.

All work is done in sacred space and starts with a short review of what is currently active in your perception and your life, what is it that you are seeking? Initially the clients’ energy is assessed and imprints in the luminous field that hold undesired

Ausangate Sunrise

energy patterns in place are removed.  After these areas are cleared they are filled with light. Other shamanic healing practices may be used such as Extractions, Soul Retrieval, Death Rites, Protection, Rites of Passage, Sacred Ceremony, guided visualizations, and recommendations to bridge the energy healing into your everyday life.

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