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Shamans have known for over 100,000 years what science is now beginning to explore and verify with quantum physics.  They have understood all living beings are animated by Spirit and that we know one another most deeply as Spirit. This awareness of everything and everyone as energy and as Spirit allows healing to occur at a core level that in turn will become manifest in the physical reality.  After healing occurs the client no longer looks for the world to change because they have changed and the world then changes around them. The shaman’s perspective allows them to see their clients potential that lies within, the potential for wholeness, for healing, for a life of passion and purpose, and for a journey aligned with their unique personal path.

You are invited to discover the path of your hearts longing and navigate your journey with compassionate support and a new awareness of your pure potential.

Awaken to your Spirit and learn to greet each day with intention and thankfulness.

Private Sessions

Private Sessions

Private healing sessions are unique to each person.  They are focused on opening to new possibilities.  For centuries medicine women and men have held the keys of wisdom that opens the doors to our hearts longing.  They have mastered the ways of releasing fear with grace so we may then rediscover our innocence and innate gifts.  Once our gifts come to the fore, we can soar in to a whole new way of life created from a place of love and joy.

Work within the luminous energy field brings it into balance and wholeness through a variety of processes that clear the field of patterns that are no longer beneficial for the client.  These patterns may have once been a primary coping mechanism that the person had to rely on for survival.  Once these patterns are removed they can be replaced with beneficial options to allow the person to expand and grow into wholeness and well being. You are invited to feel the freedom and grace of deep transformation that comes from these ancient wisdom ways.


Coaching Sessions

Coaching Sessions

A coaching session is a one-on-one experience and unique to you and your needs to facilitate and support your healing process. Sessions are held by phone, from the comfort of your home.

At the heart of shamanic teachings is the recognition that every person has gifts to share and everyone has a unique journey. These sessions are intended to assist you to move forward on your path and challenge you to become your best self.

Coaching sessions allow you to blossom in your personal growth.  These sessions are designed to support you on your path as you are making the deep changes of associated with healing.  You may be tasked to shift your energy  with simple yet effective processes that work on a level where change is easy and will then be expressed into daily life.  Step into who you are becoming feeling held with new support and ancient wisdom for your journey.



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A Despacho is a specific ceremony  to create prayer bundle made of beautiful organic materials.  This is a gift or offering to bring us into balance with the energies of the Earth, the mountains and with Spirit. Prayers of gratitude are breathed  into symbolic items allowing the bundle to hold our intent in a tangible form.  

Despachos are created for many different purposes; a key one is to bring us into “AYNI” or reciprocity with Earth and Spirit. This brings balance and harmony to our lives.

Despachos may also be created for blessings of a new beginning, a marriage, a birth, a new home – any transition that may be occurring in life or as a blessing for one who has crossed over.

Gratitude is the gateway to living in more peaceful and harmonious life when offered from the heart.  Feel the sweet difference living from gratitude can bring to your life.



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